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Have you been thinking of having your own product line but aren’t

sure how or if you have time to do so? Looking to have a plan to free yourself from behind the chair?

Hair Care Professionals

We understand - you're already busy with the balance of running your business, managing your life, and keeping your sanity!

So Definitive World was built to be the turnkey solution. No need to manage designers, etc. We have everything you need and resources ready to help you through every step of the process.

Services include: 
Product Development, Branding, Manufacturing, Packaging, and Distribution



Want to know even more before you sign up for a consultation?

Sign up for our free 3-day video series on key considerations before building your brand.


As a Trichologist and Cosmetologist, specializing in highly textured hair, I was not happy with the off-the-shelf products available. I began formulating my own products, but quickly found out that much more was needed for consistency and stabilization of larger quantities. My search for a chemist led me to some very expensive options with very high minimum order requirements that I was not ready for. I met the owner of Definitive Formulations at a Trichology Conference and it changed my business! Not only was she kind, but also very knowledgeable about my stage of product development and how she could help.


The process was super engaging, well thought out and not rushed. The ingredients and labels used are high quality.


Definitive Formulations offers sound advice, low minimums, great turn around times, fair pricing, professional labeling and shelf-ready products! I highly recommend starting your product development journey here.

Aishah Bilal-Ali, Hairadox

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