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Our Story

Definitive Formulations, LLC is a labor of love. Since 2004, the foundations have been built for a comprehensive portfolio of custom skin and hair products. We’ve  created over 200 products.


In 2012, we began creating custom formulas for beauty entrepreneurs. We recognized that many salon/spa owners and even solo entrepreneurs had great ideas for products, but were limited by technical knowledge, manufacturing capability, and were hindered by high minimums. Our goal was (and is) to help educate, collaborate on technical development, and be a trusted partner for these brand owners from idea to the shelf. To date, we’ve helped launch over 35 brands across the US and abroad. We strive to be the partner that helps you create and grow your exceptional custom brand every step of the way.  Contact us today to move your vision forward.


Our Values

for your brand’s vision

using unique ingredients for high performance 

to help optimize your brand - your ideas
and our expertise


to resolve any issues and find new solutions


Build Your Brand With Us

Definitive World is the place for your brand to grow and thrive. Each brand is important whether one product or many. Since 2004, we’ve been developing great formulas and helping brands launch since 2012. 


Using our collaborative approach, your ideas are blended with our product development expertise to give you a unique brand that helps you carve out a legacy for your brand (and revenue as well!)

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