About Us

Our Secret

We don't have any customers and we don't want any...Instead, we partner with brand owners and individuals to address their needs.


In developing product lines, our job is to turn your dream product into reality, which means you always guide your products where you need them to be for maximum success.



Our Passion

I have always loved hair care. From products to learning how to help others restore and maintain healthy hair - I was hooked.

Formulations was first. As a cosmetic chemist, I love the challenge of helping you develop and launch the products of your dreams. Since 2004, we have helped over 30 brands get launched and taken to market.  Whether helping people understand product ingredients or talking about hair chemistry or skin care, I have conducted many classes over the years. My favorite part - having a student say, "I learned so much today." 


Altogether, Formulation and Education are the core of how we help you.