In developing product lines, our job is to turn your dream product into reality. In our process you always guide your products where you need them to be for maximum success.


"We don't have any customers and we don't want any...Instead, we partner with brand owners and individuals to address their needs". - Founder, Angela McGhee



You'll work directly with our cosmetic chemist to develop a highly effective, custom formulas to give your product a competitive advantage. Next we'll get your packaging design completed so you are prepared for a successful launch. Finally, we complete all manufacturing and packaging to deliver your shelf ready products.


Since 2004, we have partnered with over 30 brands, getting their products developed, launched, and taken to market.


Whether explaining product ingredients, digging deep into hair chemistry or skin care, sharing insights and information is a key element to our model of success over the years. 


Altogether, formulation and education are the core of how we help you create the products to drive the success you want.